A brand identity for a next generation real estate investment firm.

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    The rewards of really knowing a place.

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    excerpt from Artesia’s capabilities brochure:

    Block-by-block, door-by-door, Artesia offers the most accurate picture of a market. It is the inverse of large, “institutional” investors who depend on reams of data and teams of brokers.

Artesia / Brand Identity and Development

The real estate market may be booming, but Artesia remembers when it went bust. Like many in the field, the company adheres to the adage that successful investments are made for the long-term. Where they differ, however, is in how they evaluate the potential of an investment opportunity—choosing to follow street-level reconnaissance over institutional data.

This hyper-local focus inspired Artesia’s brand look and feel. Rounded forms, glowing colors and a vintage illustration style take their cue from the funky neon signs found around Austin, the company’s first market and home base. In addition to the logo and brand identity, the work includes brand strategy, comprehensive messaging and copy development, information graphics, specialized maps, a fund portfolio system and capabilities brochure.




  • Kate Blackman / design and direction
  • Hilary Laffer / brand strategy
  • Jack Skelley / writing
  • Leonie Bos / illustration