A look at all types of work—large and small, print and digital, brand and book.




  • Published in Print,
    Communication Arts and
    How magazines, and in
    The 7 Essentials of
    Graphic Design
  • Awarded an AIGA
    365 Gold Medal
  • Guest speaker at
    AIGA Los Angeles
    and Art Center
    College of Design

First, the bit about me.

I started out as an undergraduate in art history at Tulane University. After Tulane, I traveled to London and New York to work in film and magazine publishing. After that, a brief stint as marketing director for a specialty retailer in Los Angeles. And then on to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. For 20 years or so, I’ve worked as a designer, a consultant, a creative director and a business owner. I’ve had lots of different clients. We’ve worked hard together. We’ve shared big challenges. We’ve shared great success. We’ve had fun.


I believe in good design.

I suppose we all do. But I think what makes me different is where I’ve come from and what I’ve learned along the way. First, I am a business person. I see design as a business tool — a way to help businesses communicate direction and purpose. Design can provide an underlying aesthetic, a set of values, a credo or code. All of this is vital in ways that are usually hard to measure or define. Second, I believe in the power of inclusion and diversity. For me, design isn’t a solitary pursuit. I like to develop my point of view by listening: to clients, stakeholders, consumers, production partners, technologists, trend-spotters, the diverse voice (and spirit) of popular culture. I believe design is very much a result of — and sometimes the cure for — modern life.


Now, the bit about you.

You are an intelligent risk-taker. Entrepreneurial. A leader. A collaborator. The professional work of design requires talent, patience and trust. Trust in the outcome and trust in the process itself. I have worked with clients in the Fortune 500, and with clients who, I have every confidence, will someday be part of the Fortune 500. I have also worked with clients who have less than a handful of employees.


We can work together.

To create, transform or enhance the public face of your company. We can work together to create a more connected retail experience, a more attractive packaging experience, a more engaging web experience. We can help you work through your first logo. We can organize the look and feel of your brand. We can help you with a design exploration that can communicate the future of your enterprise. We can work together to help you launch a new product or refresh an existing one. We can help you implement a strategy. We can help you solve a problem. The important word is “we.”


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