Design and content development for the definitive anthology of artworks by the prolific California Surrealist painter, Scott Moore.

Cool Titles / Moore Than Meets The Eye: The Life and Times, Art and Wit of California Painter Scott Moore

Scott Moore’s surreal paintings and celebrated wit have resonated with art collectors and enthusiasts for nearly half a century. As a longtime exhibitor at the annual Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, California, Moore developed a following that includes private collectors and art institutions alike. His California Scene paintings have been widely recognized for their craft and originality by prestigious organizations, including the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, the Hallmark Art Collection, the Laguna Art Museum and The Hilbert Museum.

In this first-ever retrospective of Moore’s work, over one hundred fifty of his most memorable paintings, curated by the artist himself, were beautifully printed and bound in Italy. Written with equally-celebrated wit by the award-winning ad writer, Larre Johnson, the narrative is accompanied by a rich tapestry of photographs and anecdotes that reveal the sphere of influence inspiring Moore’s work. The book’s cover design worked to mimic the reveal of Moore’s subject matter. The cover illustration—a section of a painting showing a cowboy grilling—was repeated on the opening page of the book, but expanded to share the full surprise of Moore’s alternately scaled universe. The endpaper was die cut to match the angle of the painting crop on the cover to create the effect.


  • Kate Blackman / design and direction
  • Shannon Koss / design and production
  • Larre Johnson / writing
  • Dave Lauridsen / editorial photography
  • Jason Ware / still life photography
  • Graphicom / printing
  • Cool Titles / publisher