Making memories for Mommies.

Egg2Cake /
Brand Identity and Development

Egg2Cake is a paper goods company that produces the popular product line for Moms called Momglish. With over 60 items, including a dictionary of terms, parenting journals, notepads and greeting cards, the company aims to inspire parents to create and capture memories. Momglish products blend colorful design with humorous and playful writing. The name, Egg2Cake, was originally inspired by the momentous time period from the onset of pregnancy to baby’s first birthday. In the broader sense, it symbolizes the creative process of taking an idea to its finished, glorious state.

That sense of play and possibility inspired Egg2Cake’s logo. Thought bubbles percolate together to form the shape of an egg. Combined with a bright and cheery color palette, the look and feel is designed to complement the design of the product lines yet stand out in a retail environment. In addition to the logo and brand identity design, the work includes naming consulting, product development, photography, messaging and copy development, print, digital and environmental collateral.



  • Kate Blackman / design
  • Jamie Diersing / Momglish design and writing
  • Brian Keenan / illustration
  • Openfield Creative / website design