A little primer on printing sustainably with paper and ink.

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    These days, environmentally responsible printing can be beautiful…and cost-effective. This book can help you find the right options. What you do about them is up to you.

Lithographix / Green Printing Handbook

Remember the paperless office and how technology was going to replace books, magazines and newspapers? Predictions of reduced paper consumption weren’t just exaggerated; they were off by 180 degrees. Americans continue to consume paper at a substantial rate, averaging a staggering 660 pounds per person per year. Knowing how to guide a client through today’s printing terrain has become an important part of a designer’s job—both to support the environment and a client’s perception in the marketplace.

Sponsored by Lithographix, one of the largest printing houses on the West Coast, and Mohawk Paper, a leader in green paper stewardship, this guide is a comprehensive and highly-readable reference for navigating production decisions. The design follows what the guide preaches through a judicious use of paper and ink. Small enough to fit in a pocket, its pick-me-up appeal is created by a z-fold configuration, which opens to instruction on one side and a glossary of terms on the other.




  • Kate Blackman / creative direction
  • Michael Clive / writing
  • Jamie Diersing / design and writing
  • David Blankenship / illustration
  • Baker / agency
  • Lithographix / sponsor
  • Mohawk Paper / sponsor


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