Looking for order in times of uncertainty.

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    Transformation is the ultimate way we retain the wisdom of the past—we change the outer garment, but the values remain
    the same.

    – Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

Jewish Community Foundation /
Constant Change

A response to growing unrest worldwide, this year-end report examined how the tensions between tradition and innovation contribute to increased uncertainty in the world. Over a dozen prominent rabbis representing a broad spectrum of philosophical and religious points of view were asked to reflect on which of the two offered the greater protection against the turbulence of modern life.

Typography, color and printing techniques were combined to create a feeling of flux. Each interview was paired with a ‘turning’ Star of David—an effect punctuated by the movement of shadows between the cut out forms and inner pages of the french fold binding. The headline treatments completed the design with the use of inverted typography to emphasize the counter debate.




  • Kate Blackman / concept, theme line and design
  • KBDA / design firm, research and interviews
  • JCF / writing
  • Colornet Press / printing