Annual reporting New Yorker style.

Jewish Community Foundation /
The Changing Face of Philanthropy

The client’s annual reporting had followed a similar format for many years. With this edition, they wanted to commission a fresh approach that would surprise and engage their audiences. A series of thought-provoking essays were written on the evolution of philanthropic giving—trends, challenges and recommendations—but in the tone of something one might read in The New Yorker or The New York Times Magazine.

These essays were packaged in the form of a newspaper with the layouts and information architecture modeling that of Sunday magazine design. Large-scale factoids were combined with playful typography and custom black and white illustrations by renowned editorial illustrator Robert Neubecker. The resulting piece was honored with a gold medal for excellence in illustration from the AIGA.



  • Kate Blackman / design
  • Robert Neubecker / illustration
  • JCF / writing
  • KBDA / design firm