Helping an action-adventure production company go the distance.

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    brand story:

    Endurance is the name of the ship Ernest Shackleton sailed to Antarctica on the greatest of his adventures. We chose the name for our company for two reasons. Because his epic tale is a model for the kind of stories we like to tell. And because endurance embodies the strong values and fundamentals of our company.

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    Exploring the story.

Endurance /
Brand Identity and Development

Endurance is a film production and financing company founded by an industry veteran with a long list of producing role credits, including blockbusters like The Matrix Reloaded, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and The Book of Eli. The company’s launch marked a turning point for the founder—the start a new chapter as an independent producer and recognition of perseverance in a tough industry. It was also an opportunity to pursue projects of interest, particularly those in the action-adventure genre. The name of the company speaks to the demands of going the distance—in adventure and in life—and references Ernest Shackleton’s infamous, real life Antartica expedition on a ship of the same name.

The brand’s design system was inspired by elements that endure and suggest the big screen. The logotype mimics the texture of ancient rock formations with hand drawn letterforms that appear to be worn with age. The brand’s color palette was pulled from the colors of bronze and steel while the photo library is composed of storytelling images showing nameless heroes performing feats of endurance. Each is styled to take on a film noir sensibility with a grainy, high-contrast black and white appearance that is often cropped in a letterbox format. The brand program included naming consulting, logo and brand identity design, tagline and messaging, print, digital and environmental collateral.




  • Kate Blackman / design and direction
  • Bill Heater / writing