A brand identity designed to inspire small acts. And potentially save the planet.

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    give the world a hand.

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    The world needs me.
    Because the world needs hope.
    The world needs me.
    Because the world needs wisdom.
    The world needs me.
    Because the world needs help.
    The world needs me.
    Because the world needs love.
    The world needs people who…
    The world needs you. Will you help?

ThinkGlobally /
Brand Identity and Development

Named for its core philosophy—that good deeds done locally will add up to change felt globally—ThinkGlobally is a technology start-up with a monster goal. the company plans to create an online community that will connect people interested in green volunteering with organizations that need them. But the platform wants to do more than just make introductions. It wants to address the larger frustration that keeps many would-be volunteers from taking action. By tracking each effort and mapping the impact, ThinkGlobally plans to show—in real-time—that volunteering really does make a difference.

So how do you design an identity for a would-be technology superhero? How do you represent the potential of a planet-changing idea and scale it to a first phase of operations? By keeping it simple with an approachable design that relies on a narrative of familiar symbols such as map markers, thought bubbles and horizon lines. The program included research and findings documentation, brand identity design, an investor presentation, tagline and messaging, stationery system, product prototyping and motion graphics.




  • Kate Blackman / design and direction
  • Jessica Melnick / brand and ux strategy
  • Janet Bumpas / research and strategy
  • Bill Heater / writing